Hair Straightening

Your hair is hard to tame? You wish you had straight hair, but handling a straightening iron every day is too much of a nuisance for you? Then permanent hair straightening is just what you need. Brazilian hair straightening is very trendy right now. Even frizzy hair becomes permanently smooth, soft, silky and shiny thanks to this method. The miracle cure is called keratin, which is a main organic component of human hair.

How does hair straightening with keratin?

First, the hairdresser washes the hair thoroughly. This is important because residues of silicones, which are contained in many styling and care products, affect the result. After washing, the hair is blow-dried dry. In the next step, the hairdresser applies the keratin with a brush strand by strand. To ensure that the product is well distributed, the hair is combed with a fine comb. The professional then reaches for the hairdryer again and then straightens the hair with a special straightening iron. The keratin penetrates deeply, coats the hair and smoothes the hair structure. Depending on the length of the hair, hair straightening takes about three hours. The result is shiny hair that feels smooth.

For whom is permanent hair straightening suitable?

Whether you have frizzy, thick, fine, colored or blond hair, Keratin Treatment is suitable for every woman and fulfills the desire of straight hair in no time. Straightening with keratin has another effect: the hair gets intensive care and a healthy shine. In addition, the hairstyle is easier to style. The only thing to remember is that immediately after the treatment you should refrain from coloring and highlighting, as this could unnecessarily stress the hair. It is recommended to dye the hair before the application.

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How long does permanent hair straightening last?

The keratin washes out slowly. It takes three to six months for the waves and curls to come back. Hair care is crucial here. For straightened hair, there are special shampoos that give Brazilian hair exactly the care it needs now. For example, they have an anti-frizz effect and are available in hair salons.

How much does a keratin hair straightening cost?

Prices depend on the length of the hair. The Secret Society relies on products without formaldehyde. The brands used are CHI Hair Straightening, Newsha Straightening System and Farouk Systems. You want to know more? Make an appointment for a consultation! Send us a WhatsApp on:

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