It always looks so easy at the hairdresser's: Apply mousse to wet hair, blow-dry with a round brush and then add a few fingertips of hair gel or hair spray. And there you have it, the perfect look. If you want to style your hair the same way at home, you'll soon have a bad hair day. But with these hair styling tips, the new look is sure to succeed!

What helps with fine or damaged hair?

Often it fails the volume. If the hair looks limp, mousse helps. It is massaged into towel-dried hair. Use a round brush to blow-dry the hair strand by strand. Your hair will look stunning. The tip is also suitable for thin hair. Here, you should make sure to keep the strands away from the head while blow-drying. This also provides more volume. Brittle hair helps a small amount of wax or a shine spray to a shiny effect.

How can long hair or medium-length hair be put in the spotlight?

A great mane can be conjured up quickly with long hair. If you want to wear the hair open, you should rely on a good cut. For example, how about combing the bangs back as a wide strand and fixing it at the back of the head? This hairstyling looks especially stunning in a sleek look. Or woman wears a side swept with curls that fall casually on the shoulder.

Medium length hair is absolutely suitable for everyday use. However, you should take special care of the tips, because unfortunately they quickly become split ends. The hairstyle is quickly spiced up when individual strands are highlighted with hair wax.

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How to style extensions?

Extensions finally make the dream of long hair come true. To make them look great every morning, you should style them with an extensions brush. That way, there won't be any annoying knots. Afterwards, human hair extensions can be styled, just like your own hair. Blow dryer, straightener and curling iron - no problem! However, woman should be careful not to set the styling aids to the highest setting. The heat could loosen the bonds. As with natural hair, you should take your time for styling. Heat protection products provide additional hair care. The only restrictions with extensions are tight braids and updos, where the bonding’s could become visible. It is better to wear the hair extensions open or in loose hairstyles and braids.

Help from professional for your extensions

Our hairdressers at The Secret Society are experts when it comes to hair styling, especially when it comes to extensions. We will conjure up a great head of hair in no time and also tell you how best to style your long hair. Let us advise you without obligation! Make an appointment with us via WhatsApp on:

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