Nothing lasts forever. Even hair extensions reach the limit of their durability after a few months. The hair grows about one centimeter per month. After two months, the first bonding’s become visible. Likewise, natural hair loss ensures that the bonding points loosen over time. If the extensions threaten to grow out of the natural hair or you simply want to change your look, we at The Secret Society gently and carefully remove the extensions.

How to remove extensions

Bonding extensions are connected to the natural hair with the help of heat tongs and keratin. This creates small bonding points. If you want to remove the extensions, the bonding’s made of keratin are first broken with pliers. The hairdresser applies a special dissolver that softens the bonds. In the next step, the strands can be easily removed with a comb. A cleansing shampoo is used to wash the remains of the keratin bonds out of the hair.

Removing tape extensions is quick and easy. Here, too, the hairdresser uses a solvent, which he applies to the adhesive strip of the hair braids. Leaving the solvent on briefly so that the professional can gently remove the strands without damaging the natural hair or the extensions.

haare glaetten bei der secret society

Can extensions be used more than once?

If you have attached value to high quality, when choosing extensions, you can have the hair extensions put back up into your own hair immediately, after removal or store them until the next time they are applied. Especially human hair extensions can be rebonded, because with the right care, they look natural and deceptively real for a long time. The house brand of The Secret Society can be reused several times. If you want to enjoy your hair extensions for a long time, you should also visit our hair salon for removing the extensions. The loosening of the bondings requires a careful hand. In our salon we use high quality products and professional methods that are gentle on the scalp and do not stress the natural hair.

The Secret Society recommends to clients: An extra portion of care afterwards is good for the natural hair. A good treatment, applied once or twice a week, moisturizes and provides nutrients to the human hair. Looking for a hairdresser to remove your extensions or rebond them? Make an appointment with us via WhatsApp on:

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