Nothing lasts forever. Extensions also need to be renewed over time. This is the case when your own hair has grown so much that the connection points, the so-called bonding’s, become visible over time. However, this does not mean that the dream of a long mane is shattered. Those who want to wear their extensions longer can opt for hair rebonding at "The Secret Society" salon. Here, the extensions are first removed from the natural hair. The professional then renews the bonding points. For bonding extensions, the keratin residue is removed from the hair. Tape extensions get a new adhesive strip. The hairdresser can now attach the extensions to the hairline just like the first time and the dream hairstyle shines anew. True to the motto: "From old to new!" Basically, customers can enjoy the extensions for four weeks to six months after they have been attached, depending on the method, quality and hair growth. This duration also applies to hair rebonding.

Care for Hair Rebonding

As is often the case with hair rebonding, it's all about the right care! Shampoo, conditioner, etc. should not contain alcohols or silicone, as these can damage the extensions. When washing the hair, the connection points should be stressed as little as possible. Then, an extension brush untangles the individual strands. With these simple tricks, the hair extensions retain their natural look.

Human hair extensions: quality that convinces!

Another tip: human hair extensions are particularly high quality, and they come in a variety of colors. You can style them as easily as your own hair. Unlike synthetic hair, human hair extensions have an intact cuticle. That means they don't mat! If you give your human hair extensions the right care, they can be re-bonded several times without any problems. High quality extensions can be used for up to 12 months.

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