Whether red, blonde, brunette or black, hair color simply defines a woman's look. The color palette that hairdressers offer customers today leaves absolutely no wish unfulfilled.

Which shade suits me?

If you want a new look, you should first consider which tone suits your individual skin tone. For example, golden blonde, copper and light and medium brown look great with fair skin. Women with brown eyes and a bronzed complexion should go for warm blonde or brown tones. Individual advice on all aspects of color is available at the hair salon.

What is the difference between tinting and coloring?

The most important difference between tinting and coloring is the durability. A tint does not last as long as a permanent hair color. Here, the color does not penetrate the structure, but settles on the hair. With each washing, a part of the new hair color is lost. The result lasts about eight to ten weeks, and the natural hair color is visible again. The big advantage, however, is that there is no buildup. In addition, a tint provides shiny hair.

With hair coloring, the hair dye penetrates deep into the hair and remains there permanently. The hairdresser thus also colors gray hair, which is perfectly and quickly covered strand by strand. With coloration, the whole style can be changed. When it comes to hair, nothing should be left to chance and go to the hairdresser for coloring to achieve a great result.

If brown hair is to become blond, a woman decides to bleach it. In this process, color pigments are removed from the hair. It can become up to eight shades lighter.

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How often can you dye hair?

Between two hair colorings, some time should pass, so that the hair can recover. Too frequent coloring strains the hair, so it is recommended to first conceal any roots. After applying the new hair color, good care is important. The tip from the professional: be sure to use shampoos for colored hair! It is also recommended to cut the tips after coloring. So if you want to have a new hairstyle to go with your hair color, you should have your hair cut in a salon after coloring. You want to change your hair color? We will help you to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams! Make an appointment today by WhatsApp on:

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