Extensions fulfill the dream of a long and flowing mane in the blink of an eye. While otherwise you would have to wait several years for the desired length, our hairdressers at The Secret Society conjure up 30 centimeters longer hair on your head in just one visit. This way, every woman can feel like a Hollywood star. Among the most popular methods of how to apply extensions are clip in extensions, bondings and tape extensions. They differ mainly in the duration of wearing.

Totally hip: Bonding

The most modern method is the bonding technique. The individual strands of the hair extension are attached at the roots with heat, ultrasound or air pressure. Plastic plates with keratin, which gently coat the natural hair, serve as the connection. This makes this method particularly gentle. Keratin bondings ensure a natural result. Another advantage: bondings last the longest. With the right care, the hair extensions, which should ideally be made of high-quality human hair, look great for up to six months.

Popular: Tape extensions.

The so-called tape extensions are also popular. The braids are attached in your own hair with a double-sided adhesive strip. The extensions are surrounded by real strands from both sides. This is where the name sandwich method comes from. The tapes last about three months. By then, your own hair should have grown enough for the connection points to become visible. No problem: good and well-maintained tape extensions like those of our house brand can be reused.

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Practical: Clip-Ins

If you don't want permanent hair extensions, you could try clip-ins first. With these hair extensions, the attachment is very simple. The braids are clamped into the hair like a barrette. So a clip can be attached and removed at any time. They promise long hair to your chosen desire.

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